Everything You Need to Know About macOS Big Sur

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Everything You Need to Know About macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur is the latest version of Mac operating system developed and introduced by the Apple. It’s expected to be launched soon this fall. However, people who’re enrolled in Apple’s Beta Public program can install and run it before its official release.

How to get the macOS Big Sur Public Beta 3?

As already discussed above, people who’re enrolled in Apple Public Beta program is eligible for installing and running Apple’s latest Mac operating system. If anyone is interested in trying out Apple’s newest operating system, they should first get themselves enrolled in their public beta program.

Everything You Need to Know About macOS Big Sur

Visit the official public beta program website to start getting software before their official release. On the website, you’ll find ‘’Get Started’’ section and then hit the ‘’enroll your Mac’’ link. You will be redirected to ‘’Enroll Your Devices’’ webpage. You will be asked to download the Public Beta Access Utility to get your Mac device enrolled in the program.

Should everyone enrolled in beta program install macOS Big Sur Public Beta?

People with production Mac are supposed to stay away from installing the beta, as it can cause problems that might keep you from using your Mac. People should install the beta versions on the devices considered secondary. Don’t install it on a computer that you use for earning.

Things to do before installing macOS Big Sur

Back up all the important files before you install the beta version. You can use any backup setup, including Time Machine to back up your Mac. Having a backup of your necessary files will be of great help if you don’t want to use the beta version and restore your system.

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